F.1, French GP, statistical preview

The podium sequence continues with the win in Indianapolis, now the English driver needs only one more podium to enter the top-10 podium sequences of all times.
Brian Lawrence from rasf1m newsgroup signals also that “Hamilton becomes the joint-youngest two-time winner. He was exactly the same age as Bruce McLaren when he won his second race – 22 yrs and 161 days. They are the only drivers to win twice before the age of 23. Only one driver has achieved three wins before the age of 24 – Fernando Alonso, who was 23y 248d old when he won his third GP. Alonso went on to reach 7 wins before his 24th birthday”.

The British team is running a string of 3 consecutive wins, it didn’t happen since 2005, when Raikkonen and Montoya were able to record a string of 6 consecutive wins from Hungary to Japan. The record sequence of McLaren, which is also the absolute record for Formula 1, goes from Brazil 1988 to Belgium 1988, when Prost and Senna recorded a total of 11 consecutive wins.


  • The last 8 races have been won by the driver that was in the lead at the end of the first lap;
  • 7 times out of 8 the winner was also the polesitter. Only Massa in Malaysia 2007 missed the win after setting the pole position;
  • 4 times out of 8 races the winner recorded a hat-trick scoring also the fastest lap of the race.

56 French GPs have been run so far (only Italy and Great Britain have hosted 57 GPs) and Magny Cours is the track that hosted the higest number of French Gps, 16, starting in 1991. The second most used track is Paul Ricard, with 14 French GPs.

  • the most successful driver is Michael Schumacher, that won 8 times, an absolute record for a single track, and for a GP as well;
  • in the last 10 races, only 4 times the author of the pole position won the race: 1997 (M.Schumacher), 2003 (R.Schumacher), 2005 (Alonso) and 2006 (M.Schumacher);
  • the last time a McLaren won the French GP was in 2000 (D.Coulthard). Before this win, to find another McLaren success we must go back until 1989 (A.Prost). McLaren won 5 times in France; the most successful manufacturer is Ferrari, with 15 wins, the first in 1952, the last in 2006;
  • McLaren recorded its last pole in Magny Cours in 1998 (M.Hakkinen);

Year   Event 
1951 Luigi Fagioli, Wins nº 1
1953 Mike Hawthorn, Wins nº 1
1954 Mercedes, Wins nº 1 (Juan Manuel Fangio)
1954 Mercedes, Pole positions nº 1 (Juan Manuel Fangio)
1954 Mercedes, Fastest laps nº 1 (Hans Herrmann)
1961 Giancarlo Baghetti, Wins nº 1
1962 Dan Gurney, Wins nº 1
1962 Porsche, Wins nº 1 (Dan Gurney)
1964 Brabham, Wins nº 1 (Dan Gurney)
1968 Jacky Ickx, Wins nº 1
1973 Ronnie Peterson, Wins nº 1
1979 Jean Pierre Jabouille, Wins nº 1
1979 Renault, Wins nº 1 (Jean Pierre Jabouille)
1981 Alain Prost, Wins nº 1
1990 Ferrari, Wins nº 100 (Alain Prost)
2001 Michael Schumacher, Wins nº 50
2001 Ralf Schumacher, Pole positions nº 1
2005 Jarno Trulli, Front row places nº 10
2006 Michael Schumacher, Podium places nº 150
More milestones on FORIX.

(related to active drivers)

  • Fernando Alonso, was on the podium on his last 3 visits to Magny Cours, recording two second places and a win in 2005. He was on pole in 2004 and 2005;
  • Giancarlo Fisichella never made it to the top-5 in 10 starts;
  • Felipe Massa retired for mechanical problems two times (2002 and 2005) out of 5 starts;
  • Kimi Raikkonen never retired in France out of 6 starts, his best result is a second place (2002 and 2005) and his worst a 7th (2001, 2004);
  • Rubens Barrichello‘s best result in France is a third place, recorded 4 times, from 1999 to 2001 and in 2004;
  • Nick Heidfeld never made it to the top-5 in 7 starts, he never retired in Magny Cours;
  • Ralf Schumacher recorded a win here in 2003 and has never retired out of 9 starts;
  • David Coulthard recorded a win in Magny Cours in 2000 and set 5 straight fastest laps from 1998 to 2002;
  • Alexander Wurz spun off the race three times out of four participations on the french track.

25th of June
– 1999: First pole for the Stewart team (Magny Cours). Nico Rosberg’s birthday (22 years);
28th of June – 1964: First win for the Brabham team recorded by Dan Gurney in Rouen (French GP);
29th of June – 2003: First pole position for Kimi Raikkonen at the Nurburgring (Europe GP);
30th of June – Ralf Schumacher’s Birthday (32 years);
1st of July – 2001, Magny Cours: 50th win for Michael Schumacher, first pole position for Ralf Schumacher. 1979, Dijon Prenois: first win for the Reanult team and J.P. Jabouille. First fastest lap for René Arnoux (also on a Renault RS10). 1973, Paul Ricard: first win for Ronnie Peterson. 1951, Reims: first and only win for Luigi Fagioli.



3 pensieri su “F.1, French GP, statistical preview

  1. “The last 8 races have been won by the driver that was in the lead at the end of the first lap”

    Ecco perchè hanno sempre messo più benzina a Raikkonen che a Massa!



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